About the project

Our project is an Erasmus+/KA2KA229 – School Exchange Partnerships project.
Water is essential for life in our planet. Human culture was born beside the water.
All the cities/towns of partners are located near a lake, a river or a sea. Thus, we consider that it would be extremely productive if our schools work together to emphasize the immense significance of the water next to us, to our hometowns and our lives in general.
Our age is eminently a digital one. ICT is a great tool for education. Therefore, ICT tools will be used in most of our project procedures.
The goals we have set could not be achieved without the implementation of our project in an international level, in Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain. Therefore, the common effort of the six European schools during the transnational meetings, will result to the elaboration of our final products and the development of useful skills for the schools themselves and all European schools in general.


The objectives of the project for both students and teachers are:
– To study the water factor next to their hometown.
– To improve their digital skills, their proficiency in English, their public speaking ability, their skills in research, processing information and working in groups.
– To develop organizing and management skills, to improve their socialization.
– To study their roots and develop an ecological conscience.
– To be aware of the other partners’ cultures.
– To recognize the diversity in Europe.
– To establish an interest in foreign languages.
– To participate in public life.
Other objectives are:
– The use of attractive teaching and learning methods.
– The implementation of contemporary practices in education.
– The promotion of the individual and professional status of the teachers.
– The broadening of pupils’ professional horizon.
– The promotion of the cooperation between schools and other local and regional authorities.


Teachers and 12-15 years old pupils from each school participate in the project.
Each school will host a five-days transnational meeting which will include “short-term exchanges of group of pupils” and “short-term joint staff training events”.
These meetings will take place in Greece in November 2019, Czech Republic in March 2020, Portugal in May 2020, Lithuania in October 2020, Italy in March 2021 and Spain in May 2021. Preparations will take place during the period between the meetings.
The Greek school is the coordinator of the whole project. The Czech school is responsible for the website of the project, the Italian school for the Book of Methodology, the Lithuanian school for the thematic eBook, the Portuguese school for the Partnership multimedia poster and eTwinning and the Spanish school for the Multilingual vocabulary. The Spanish school is also the official photographer and video maker.


The anticipated results of the project are:
A. The achievement of all the objectives of the project.
B. The creation of a mascot puppet/ doll in each school.
C. The completion of the following digital products:
– The presentation of schools, towns, regions and countries
– The logo of the project
– The website of the project
– A thematic eBook, written in the six native languages and in English
– A Multilingual vocabulary in the six partners’ languages
– Thematic quizzes
– A Partnership multimedia poster
– A Book of Methodology
– A final video of all the meetings, a video with interviews of the teachers, 6 videos with interviews of the students and 6 videos with snapshots of the meetings

D) The activities of the project will lead:
– To the individual improvement of the teachers and their teaching abilities
– To the improvement of the learning ability of pupils as well as the building of their character.


This presentation was created when the Application form was submitted and before the approval of the project. Its purpose was the best initial acquaintance between the partners.