Author: Jiří Ort
Published: 22. July 2024

The main topic was to present presentations on tourism and economics in selected locations in the countries on Tuesday. The first contribution was made by Greece, which focused on Lake Pamvotis and its relationship to the town of Ioannina, popular tourist activities – fishing, boat transport, visits to restaurants and hotels, as well as a beautiful view of the local monastery. The Czech Republic introduced the Czech Tourists’ Club, which has a tradition since 1888, and focuses on tourist signs, mapping and nature protection. Then we focus on well-known localities – Holany (ponds system), Sloup v Čechách (a rock castle, the forest theater), Mácha’s Lake (beaches, steamboats), Peklo (national natural monument). Italy introduced the city of Livorno, which is one of the most important ports in the Ligurian Sea. The city is a popular summer destination, many tourists visit the beaches and the local aquarium. Portugal is known for the cities as Porto, Lisbon, Aveira. The Madeira group of islands is also frequently visited by its diversity of flora. Sardines, mackerel and tuna fishing is an important part of it. The extraction of sea salt, which is collected by hand and dried in the sun, is essential. The Spanish team talked about the historic city of Santander. It serves as a port and tourist destination. You can visit there the Magdalena Palace, the aquarium and the local beaches. The last but not the least presenter was Lithuania, which closed Tuesday’s talk. Important parts are glacial lakes, where you can go fishing or enjoy cruise ship. There is a lighthouse at Cape Ventés Ragas in the Nemen River. The lighthouse is approachable as a lookout tower and it is a part of the ornithological station.