Author: Jiří Ort
Published: 22. July 2024

On Thursday our virtual meeting began with presentation and commentary of pupil´s posters, which were created the day before. So, we saw the final versions of the posters and we learned a lot of new and interesting informations. Our country was represented by Šimon Janoušek. He reminded us about the importance of water areas, especially Holany pond and Macha lake. They are used for fishing.

Around protected animals live and rare plants grow. Lithuania presented a romantic picture of the Pazaislis monastery complex. Greece, due to its location, focused on ships and also shared an e-book with information about positions, area and water factor. Italy approached the port of Livorno. Spain focused on the Cantabrian sea. The costline, beaches and fishing towns are verry attractive for tourists. Portugal ended their part of the posters. We learned about the dams in the Alentejo area. They serve as an important source for dry landscapes.

The second part of the meeting focused on the platform eTwinning. Thanks to the platform teachers and pupils in one of the European countries can communicate, collaborate and develop their projects. eTwinning is co-funded by the Erasmus+. Teachers and pupils are involved in the project and work with TwinSpace. Portuguese teachers instroduced us to the operations of this platform. The pupils learned what the individual bookmarks would be for – members of group, a chat room, a forum and also support. Pupils could also try how they can write a post, share video or photo.