Virtual meeting in Seixal – Day 1

Author: Jiří Ort
Published: 22. July 2024

Today, Monday, May 24, 2021, the third meeting of our international project Living  Beside the Water was  launched. The virtual meeting is organised by Manuel Cargaleiro High School  in  Seixal.

First we were welcomed by Mrs Fatima  Verrisimo, the project coordinator, then Mrs Lurdes  Ribeiro, the school head, spoke, and then we gradually introduced our teams. The introduction was followed by a musical moment – a pupil from a Portuguese school played folk songs on the accordion.

The musical moment was replaced by a virtual tour of the school, which is very large, modern and well equipped. This tour was filmed by school pupils who also appeared in the film.

The last item on the agenda was a presentation on cultural heritage, which is a common theme for all participants. The presentation prepared by Portuguese pupils presented material and intangible heritage from individual countries of the project, as well as the UNESCO World Cultural Fund.

The first day of the Portuguese meeting was very interesting and we are all looking forward to the remaining meetings this week.


Gabriela Jindrová