Author: Jiří Ort
Published: 24. May 2024

Day FOUR of our meeting was deedicated to water in Česká Lípa, the river Ploučnice and also to theatrical performances. With a help of our pupil Kristýna Solnická we made a 15 minutes video that captured the most interesting places of the upper part of the Ploučnice. With the camcorder we visited the spring of the Ploučnice by the village of Osečná, the river´s gorge by Noviny under Ralsko and meanders by Žizníkov.
In Česká Lípa we recorded the river´s look, the water castle Lipý and a water treatment plant. We were supposed to visit all these places with members of the partner schools teams but because of the pandemic situation we had to show our river only vitually. For the fourth day we also planned to show theatrical performances of each team with a theme of water.
Again, we had to improvize because the children cannot meet and play theatre that is why all the teams had to alter the original plans.
The Czech team represented by Anna Kulhánková and Helena Kabátová sang a folk song. The Italian tead prepared a presentation about Venice – the city on a lagoon.
The Greek team presented a mythical story about Narcissus and the Nymphs. The Lithuanian team with their pantomime pointed at the problem of the pollution of the seas.
Schoolsin Spain are not closed so the Spanish team performed a live puppet show. The Portuguese team with a help of powerpoint presentation and voices of the children dramatised a story of a popular Portuguese writer Sophie de Mello Breyner.
All the teams praised the efforts of their friends from abroad by adding clapping and likes on the screen.